I have been employed running small commercial speedboats on the BC central and south coasts since 1968. I built my first heavy duty custom aluminum work boat in 1980 at Argo Marine in Port Coquitlam, and am still using it today.

I wanted a bigger and safer overnighter work boat, so got on Robert’s build list in 2018.

I was very familiar with Jaxon Craft boats, and impressed with their heavy-constructed foamed hulls, their high wide bows, and excellent sea-keeping capabilities. I was also very impressed with the fact that Robert built them one boat and customer at a time.

I was going to build a 24’ with a 30” pod, but changed my mind after Robert called me over in early February 2019 to look at a 26’ he was finishing up in the shop. My 26’ Jaxon Craft is more of a commercial work boat style than a sports fisher. It was ready for pick up early November 2019.

I was extremely happy with the entire build, and have absolutely no complaints. When Robert had questions, I would drop in at the shop. They did an excellent job, and easily took care of all the extra custom work I wanted done. RJ also sent pictures weekly, and we spoke many, many times on the phone. Communication was very good.

Examples of Robert’s custom work:

  • a heavy guage doubler was welded down both sides of the bow extending back along the keel.
  • at the waterline, an inch thick by 18 inch long piece of aluminum plate with bow teeth cut into it was welded onto the doubler up along the stem.
  • two 7/8’s hardened holes were drilled through the bow teeth to put shackles in if I need a tow.
  • a 32-inch roof overhang aft of the cabin’s back wall, so I’m out of the rain and sun while at the back deck steering station.
  • a side-to-side, 18” deep work bench across the stern.
  • a well braced solid tow post down through the work bench and welded it to doublers on deck.
  • a two-pipe heavy duty motor guard to protect the twin outboard motors from damage.
  • a very nice stand up on the roof for the radar, 2 search lights, 2 flood lights, navigation lights, GPS, and anchor light.
  • an additional heavy guard below the waterline just above and along the chine.
  • a safe 36” cockpit depth all around, so he welded an 8” wall with a pipe on top onto the standard 28” high walk rail ...to make up the 36” cockpit depth.

...and thats just some of the custom work .

Great boat, very good workmanship, and Robert is a fine, friendly, and experienced chap to build your boat (even though some days he doesn't really look all that friendly!!)

Thanks Robert and thanks to the other two gentlemen in the shop.

I highly recommend Jaxon Craft Marine if you want a quality boat that will get you back from some place if you’re caught out in weather!

~ Eric Bachen, JXC 26

This boat is a piece of art across the water! You're a genius, my friend!

~ Matt Brown, JXC 27

The building of Aluminiferous by Jaxon Craft Marine Ltd.

It is an act of faith building a boat. To sum it up, you give a virtual stranger a pile of money and, in many ways, just hope for the best.
There’s a second option – do your research, visit builders and plan.

Our journey began differently. We learned about Robert Jackson and his company Jaxoncraft Marine Ltd. by following a build thread on a local sport fishing site.

Originally, we had hoped to be able to buy an “off-the-rack” type of boat, however by the time we discovered the build thread, we had resigned ourselves to not being able to buy a boat that would truly suit our needs. One of us is 6’4” tall and the other is 5’4”, so every boat we saw was going to be an ergonomic compromise with the inability to make the boat work for both of us.

As a result of following the build of a JaxonCraft on the local sportfishing forum we were able to see that there were alternatives.

In March 2021 we phoned Robert and asked him what his timeframe was to get a build spot. After a few minutes of discussion, he mentioned that he had a recent cancellation (this was during the COVID pandemic) and could start a boat for us in April of 2021.

We emailed back and forth over a week and then made the decision to visit Robert in Merville at his facility. We wanted to meet Robert and see how things operated.

Little did we know that Robert was also going to see if we had “boat build chemistry” between us. Fortunately, there was!
When we met with Robert, we originally thought we would be ordering a 22-foot hardtop. After talking to him we decided on a 25-foot hardtop with a pod. Now this is the best part of a custom build - everything can be customized to the owner’s needs (well not everything, but most things) and we were able to deal with our disproportionate heights. We quickly realized we had come to the right place!

Robert adjusted the boat so that there was sufficient room for someone my size to sleep stretched out in the V-berth and he built the cabin in such a way that there’s no place on the boat where I would come close to banging my head.

We were able to have higher cockpit gunnels added to the boat and a custom rear seat built on the back deck with a removable seat cushion with a fish cleaning board underneath. I spent a fair bit of time with Robert working on the ergonomic layout of the controls and we went with a more elaborate three-battery system. Robert’s wiring and workmanship throughout was first class. Our boat was made to order and any of the suppliers of sub-trades or sub-trades that Robert used were, like him, first class – electronics, cabin wrap, engine supplier.

Our goal was to have a boat we could travel the coastal waters (as far as Alaska) and have limited maintenance requirements (for a boat LOL). We could go on and on about Robert, his staff, and his workmanship, but in order to tell the full story let me provide a link to our build thread on the local sport fishing site. Our boat was finished in late December 2021. The only delay we experienced was waiting for the windows (Robert had sent templates to the builder in July of 2021, but COVID and the flooding in BC created delays beyond everyone’s control).

We had the boat initially at surveyed at Robert’s facility, and a final survey after the engines were installed. The water test and christening were on March 13th of 2022. It snowed that day and there was skim ice on the bay in Port Alberni.

The boat meets all our expectations, handles well, is warm with its diesel heat, comfortable with the Shockwave seats, and has already provided us with hours of enjoyment.

~ Susan Murphy and Bill Watt, JXC 25 Hard Top with Pod

In February 2022n construction began on my 29’ Jaxon Craft. Over the next six months, working with Robert and Cole was a great experience. The attention to detail and the quality of craftsmanship is second to none. The access and ability to be involved every step of the way is unlike any you would experience with any other builder. They where always welcoming and provided insight to any additions or modifications along the way. Overall I could not be more satisfied with the process and the final outcome. Jaxon Crafts are among the best preforming boats on the West Coast and absolutely the best-looking boat on the water!

~ Pat Britton, JXC 29

I did a lot of looking at other builders before I decided to go with a Jaxoncraft. The final decision was made after I had met with Robert Jackson. I knew he was the right choice. I am partial to aluminum as my last one was very practical and rugged.

The hull on this new JXC 25 w/pod is made for heavy water. Whether on the inside straights during a small craft warning or on a windy day out on the coast in the large swells, no problem…a great confidence builder!

I was encouraged to drop in during the build so I did once a week. I enjoyed their company and would listen to their ideas and they would listen to mine. At the end of the day they knew I wanted a boat for fishing and it does catch fish!! This boat is tough, handles rough water, performs well and looks good too!

I'm a happy guy!

~ John Waterfield

After finally getting to spend some time on the boat and break in the motors, I can tell you that I am more excited than I can even express thinking about the years of family fun on my awesome new boat! The process of having Rob build the boat was very enjoyable and professional.

I was happy with the freedom of tweaking things along the way or looking to Rob for advice on other things. The boat is in its new summer home in Port Renfrew, and I couldn’t be happier with the final product!

Well done!

~ Greg Scott



“I approached Robert last year for a 24ft Center Console build. I wanted a tough and well layed out fishing / exploring boat for a long time and looked at a lot of boats. Once I began the process I knew it was the right choice. Super easy to work with and the end product is way beyond expectations. Being 6’4” tall, there were some custom adjustments to make it comfortable and practical. The boat cuts thru the waves and provides an incredibly stable craft to catch fish and manoeuvre around on. Attention to the detail is what makes this boat special. From the beautiful welds to the storage innovations, I could not be happier with this investment. Pride in craftsmanship is very evident.”

~ Josh Grafton


We have been avid boaters for years, and use our boat to get to and from our cabin on one of the Gulf Islands. Our previous boat was a 16' Aluminum runabout, which worked out really well as we have to beach the boat to unload, but we found it was too small in rough seas. I spent many months researching west coast aluminum boats, really wasn't too interested in the production tin cans being sold on the cheap. In February 2012 I got in touch with Robert Jackson of Jaxoncraft Boats and we started down the path to designing and building our new boat. Robert listened to everything we had to say and incorporated our wishes onto paper, and ultimately into our new boat. Our boat was the first Pod boat Robert had built, and it turned out better than we could have hoped. We were unsure about the size of outboards to put on the boat, but decided on twin 150 Yamaha's. That was a good choice as we have lots of power, and I was totally shocked by the fuel economy, it is better than our 16' boat was, plus we have lots of power, we cruise at 24 knots at 3900 rpm, but have a top speed of over 40 knots with a full tank of fuel(100 gallons) and 4 adults. It was an exciting process to see your dream become a reality and Robert was great with forwarding pictures as the boat progressed, many pictures each week. We would highly recommend Jaxoncraft, and we will be going back to see Robert for our next boat, but not for many years, hopefully!

~ Stuart Brundridge


My family and I were looking for a boat so we could go fishing. Every boat I looked at was a piece of crap. Then I saw the boats Robert was building. They were beautiful and solidly built, but I needed it to be beefed up a bit. He worked with us and increased the inner structure, and also came up with some great custom features that we wanted. I have used the boat for almost a year now and love it. A well built solid boat that will last our family a long time. It is nice to run into and work with someone who cares about the work he does. Don't let the grumpy little Irishman fool you, he's actually a really nice guy.

~ Trevor Turney, Turney Manufacturing




“Outstanding design and outstanding craftsmanship!! This boat performs like it looks!

~ Cory Handysides, Courtenay BC

"Those photos are fabulous!!! I love how you did the back seat divider. Just WOW!!!! It is nicer than I could ever have dreamed of. I'm so glad I picked you to be my boat maker. You are the best."

~ Margi Houghton of Anacortes Island Washington, USA

“Robert…..You can use my name for a reference anytime!”

~ David Zielke of Chemainus BC - JXC 27 Pilot House

"Just wanted to thank you for the excellent job on building my 27 Jaxoncraft, from the initial meeting with you , to the end product , very good. The ride is excellent and the boat fishes very well , my customers love the boat.

Once again , Thanks Robert."

~ Reid Warren - RAW Charter Fishing, Port Renfrew

Having explored Nootka / Quatsino and Georgia Straight and having made a trip to Alaska in a Double Eagle 190 Soft Top”, we began the search for a “Hardtop. Hopefully in the 22 - 24 ‘ range and comfortable enough for travel and fishing.

In the information gathering period it became obvious that welded aluminum was the best choice for many reasons. We looked at many of the popular makes and gathered information on all aspects of power, electronics, heating and comfort.

I was heading to Black Creek on the Old Island Highway with my son when we passed a fenced compound at William Beach Road. There was a very impressive boat in there and I commented to my son “ Look at that S.O.B.!! Its just screaming’ lets go to the West Coast and pound some waves!!

On our return we stopped and got the name from the shop owner. The boat was Rob Jackson’s creation “Pitch Black”
Googling “Jaxoncraft” led me to Rob and his shop on Sirius Road in Merville. He was working on a 24 with a pod. We were very impressed with the quality of work and solid construction!

I checked with owners of previous builds and found respect for the company and great satisfaction with performance. We asked Rob for a design build cost and vied for position with several other potential bids. We enjoyed the involvement in design and openness to our ideas.

Finally we were ready with our plans and production began. Robs experience was obvious when it came to recommending changes and making it all fit together.

We created the prettiest, toughest boat on the West Coast! Perfect for travelling comfort and a fantastic fishing platform!

Rob was with us from concept to sea trials, open to what we wanted and honestly discussed costs all the way.

I am extremely proud of 'After Wave' and would recommend 'JaxonCraft' to anyone who is serious about building a really good boat.

~ Harvey Brown of Royston B.C.

By far the best handling deep v fishing boat I have ever piloted!

Rob Jackson is a very open-minded builder who will take your ideas and wants and incorporate them into the boat; making it the best aluminum boat on the market!

~ Nick Strussi of Courtenay BC - JXC 28 Offshore Sportfisher

The boat is a fishing machine....rides very nice, cuts through the chop and performs well in the big seas. I’m proud to pass along your name to say the least Robert. Thank you very much for the hard work but more importantly the attention to detail.

~ Mike Pfortmueller, Vice President of Shearwater Marine Group

2007 marked the end of our quest for our ideal boat, and the person to build it for us. We'd spent two years dreaming, sketching, surfing the Net, and finally, visiting local builders of aluminum boats. Some build beautiful boats, but only offer specific models, others cater to the commercial sector, and some do quality custom work but not within our budget. Then we met Rob at Jaxoncraft. Within minutes it was obvious, here was a most capable builder, producing a quality product one boat at a time. He would be able to devote all of his efforts to us and our boat, a level of attention and customer service that is almost impossible to find in bigger shops. Three months later and we've taken delivery of the boat we'd dreamed of...only better. A custom 24' X 8'6 centre console powered by twin Yamaha F115s, delivered on time and on budget. The quality of workmanship and attention to detail are what one would expect from only the best builders on the Coast. We can't imagine wanting a different boat, but if we do...we'd want Rob Jackson to build it.

~ Phil and Marie of Powell River, B.C.

The boat rocks. I've taken it into the worst and have never had a problem. I should have ordered a bigger one.

~ Ross Ruthven of Courtenay BC - 20 ft console

I got a great boat for a great price!

~ Lyle Churchill of Royston BC – 16 ft open

I am the privileged owner of the first 24 foot Jaxoncraft boat. It is great to take the kids out and go exploring hidden coves and beaches and swimming. The kids can take refuge in the V-birth when the fishing gets hot. A great fishing boat with all the details well thought-out. Huge fish box, a radar arch for your net, gaff and rods. I've had it on the West coast in 3 meter swells all the while feeling safe and impressed by the handling of this craft. The self-bailing features make the clean up a snap with a hose & brush or pressure washer. You don't have to worry about cleaning this boat when you're filling it with salmon, halibut, crabs & prawns. The size of this boat makes it perfect for hauling on a trailer while meeting all your needs of space and stowage at sea. Dealing with Mr. Robert Jackson has been a pleasure and has enhanced my boating experience. A true gentleman and superb craftsman.

~ Nick D'Aoust of Comox BC - JXC 24
Owner of Ocean Pearl

I was immediately impressed with the graceful lines and the outstanding finish of the Jaxoncraft boats. The performance on the water has been equally impressive. I have purchased two JXC 24s and they will form the foundation upon which Northern Light” will be built. I have also found Robert co-operative and extremely helpful in all matters concerning the boats.

~ Colin Smith of Comox BC– JXC 24
Owner of Northern Light Ocean Charters Ltd

A work of art.

~ Dan DeVault of Courtenay BC - 20 ft open

Jaxoncraft delivered. On time and on budget. Robert (RJ) was a pleasure to deal with throughout the whole process. He has an impeccable eye for detail and an enduring passion for quality. Passion sustains everything. Very refreshing to deal with someone who doesn't believe in shortcuts, and if his name is going on it - it's going to be done right 110%. Originally I was looking at Eaglecraft and Silver Streak boats, but their lack of flexibility and willingness to customize led me to look elsewhere - and I'm really glad I found RJ and Jaxoncraft. I ended up with the exact boat I wanted, at a fair price based on the unique design, quality, seaworthiness, and sheer ruggedness. I look forward to passing this boat down to my grandkids one day, which will be a while since my son is only 7! So look forward to having it in the family indefinitely.

~ Ian Heaps of DeCourcy Island, BC - 23' Offshore, centre console