Below are a few photos taken of the "structure" beneath the decks of our boats.

Laterally across the six stringers, 5/32" bulkheads are placed standing on 20" centres. We then weld 2" angle laterally across their tops at deck level before fully welding each bulkhead down. All are then tied together in a grid formation with more 2" angle running up the length of the boat, again on 20" centers. A barrier coating is then applied to the inside of the hull followed by the spraying in of closed cell, rigid polyurethane floatation foam. We then weld the 3/16" decking down, tying the complete hull together into a very solid unit, resistant to the continuous racking and pounding of open water crossings.

We have never had a hull failure.

JXC 22 On Trailer

All JXC Model Floor Construction

JXC 22 At Rest

All JXC Model Floor Construction

JXC 22 - Waiting for engines

All JXC Model Floor Construction